IV Therapy

IV Therapy

Vitamin and mineral deficiency can cause serious problems like hair loss, anemia, irregular heartbeat, bone loss, and many other issues. Unfortunately, popping a few supplement pills every day won’t correct a serious vitamin deficiency, but intravenous (IV) therapy is highly effective. Board-certified physicians Kira Fenton, DO, Cristina Savu, DO and Ashley Baldyga, APRN at Prestige Physicians in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offer IV therapy for fast and efficient vitamin and mineral replacement. Book your appointment online or by phone now.
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IV Therapy FAQ

IV therapy is the infusion of vitamins and minerals your body currently lacks. You get a very large dose of the necessary vitamins and minerals into your bloodstream with IV therapy. If you lack vitamin C, D, B12, or other vitamins and minerals, IV therapy is the most effective way to achieve healthy levels again, fast.

IV therapy can help with vitamin and mineral deficiencies as well as acute illness. For example, if you’re dehydrated and feeling horrible from overexertion, a cold, or the flu, IV therapy can help you recover faster. There are also many other possible applications for IV therapy, including hormone balance, improved immunity, and more.

Most of the actual vitamins and minerals are lost during digestion when you take oral supplements, so you often only absorb less than 10% of it. You could take massive doses of supplements every day by mouth but still not get enough when you have a deficiency.

With IV therapy, you skip the entire digestive process, so all of the vitamins and minerals get infused immediately into your blood. This gives you the immediate effects of balanced vitamin and mineral levels.

Your Prestige Physicians health care provider creates a tiny puncture, typically in your arm, and then you sit back in a comfortable position while the fluids move into your bloodstream. Generally, an IV therapy session takes about 30-60 minutes, depending on the exact formula and the amount of infused fluids.

During your IV therapy, you might experience a cold feeling around the infusion site. Some IV therapy patients experience a brief metallic taste in their mouth during treatment, but this fades very quickly after completing the treatment.

Because you’re getting such a big infusion of the vitamins or minerals you need, it’s not uncommon to experience almost immediate improvement. You may need as little as one IV therapy session for conditions like the flu, but for other chronic conditions, you might schedule regular IV treatments according to your doctor’s recommendation.

For efficient rapid replacement of vitamins and minerals, call Prestige Physicians or use online booking to arrange your IV therapy session now.


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