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Vitamin B12 helps you maintain healthy nerve cells, aids in the creation of red blood cells, and plays an important role in DNA creation. It may also boost your energy levels and help you lose weight faster. At Prestige Physicians in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, board-certified physicians Kira Fenton, DO, and Cristina Savu, DO, and their experienced team offers B12 injections to correct deficiencies and improve your health. Call the office or click the online scheduler to book your appointment now.
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Vitamin B12 is beneficial for your whole body. It plays a vital part in DNA synthesis, nerve and blood cell health, and many other bodily functions. B12 injections can help you burn fat and also enhance your energy levels, so they’re often part of the medical weight loss program at Prestige Physicians.

When you take a supplement by mouth, you don’t get the full benefit. It’s normal to lose a significant amount of oral B12 supplements during the digestive process, which could mean you have much less B12 in your body than you think.

But, with B12 injections, there’s no digestive process. The B12 goes right into your muscle, so you get its full benefits. This instant delivery also means you enjoy the benefits of B12 almost instantly while taking it by mouth means you’d have to wait for the lengthy digestive process to complete before feeling the effects of the B12.

It can vary by individual, but many patients have B12 injections once a week, especially when actively working to lose weight.
Everyone has a different pain tolerance, but in general, B12 injections aren’t painful. The injections only take a few seconds, and any minor discomfort fades fast. The best way to ensure a comfortable B12 injection is to be well-hydrated and rested.
B12 injections are natural, so they don’t have the type of stimulants that make you feel agitated like caffeine can. But, they can definitely boost your energy levels quite a bit, so it’s generally best to have your B12 injections earlier in the day versus later.
The Prestige Physicians’ providers inject B12 into your muscle for maximum rapid absorption. Usually, your provider injects the B12 just above the buttocks, in the hip area. Find out how B12 injections can ramp your energy up, boost fat burning, and help you feel your best by calling Prestige Physicians or using the online scheduler now.


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