When it comes to fat removal, CoolSculpting and SculpSure are quickly becoming two of the most popular options available today. Despite the fact that they are noninvasive and nonsurgical, they are both effective in killing fat cells. While CoolSculpting uses intense cold to accomplish its results, SculpSure uses laser technology to get a comparable result.

Which body contouring technique is the most effective for removing stubborn fat in your trouble spots, you might ask? Well, this is dependent on your schedule, your pain tolerance, and the precise target location or places that you want to treat or eliminate. In this article, we’ll go through the differences between SculpSure and CoolSculpting so that you can determine which operation is the best fit for you.

Let’s Talk About Lipolysis

Liposuction was previously the gold standard for eliminating fat (lipids) from the body, and it continues to be so today. But then, It is necessary to make incisions around the tissue region and suck away the excess fat in order to get the desired results.

Lipolysis is the process of dissolving fat cells into simpler compounds in order to lose weight. Known as body contouring, lipolysis techniques employ heat, cold, ultrasound, and other tools to eliminate fat from the body without the need for surgical intervention.

There are alternatives to Lipolysis—CoolSculpting and SculpSure.

CoolSculpting vs. SculpSure

Body-contouring procedures CoolSculpting and SculpSure have both been certified by the FDA and have been scientifically demonstrated to be safe and effective. Several scientific studies, including one released in Lasers in Science and Medicine, have found that SculpSure can result in a 24 percent decrease in a person’s body fat. 96 percent of patients who received SculpSure therapy expressed satisfaction with their treatment, according to another study in the Journal of Dermatological Surgery.

Both therapies rely on the body’s lymphatic system to collect and dispose of broken fat cells expelled from the body as waste. This implies that improvements for both treatments are seen over a period of 8 to 16 weeks; however, individual outcomes may vary. Furthermore, both body-contouring techniques result in long-term fat reduction after the surgery.

Treatment Areas for SculpSure

In order to decrease stubborn fat from frequent issue spots on the body, SculpSure has been approved by the FDA. The following are a list of its treatment areas:

Treatment Areas for CoolSculpting

The FDA has also approved CoolSculpting to treat fat deposits in almost any part of the body. The following are a list of common treatment regions:

What’s the Difference?

SculpSure is the most advanced non-invasive body shaping technology available. SculpSure, which received FDA approval in 2016, has competed with CoolSculpting in the non-surgical fat removal sector in various ways:

SculpSure Cost vs. CoolSculpting Expense: 

SculpSure produces similar effects to CoolSculpting at a lower cost each session.

SculpSure has the power to cure up to four separate treatment sites at once. CoolSculpting, on the other hand, can only treat one region at a time. When compared to accomplishing a whole body change with SculpSure, CoolSculpting is a significantly more involved, costly, and time-consuming operation.

Treatment Times: 

A typical CoolSculpting session lasts anywhere from 25 to 1 hour. When CoolSculpting was initially released, it could only treat one body region at a time. Different body parts may now be treated in one appointment, owing to the introduction of substantially upgraded CoolSculpting Elite applicators. Most people only require one to two CoolSculpting treatments to attain their desired outcomes.

Sculpsure is a somewhat faster fat removal procedure, which has earned it the nickname “lunchtime lipo.” A normal treatment lasts about 25 minutes, and up to four regions can be treated at once.

Keep in mind that different individuals may require a varying number of therapy sessions based on their individual needs. So, schedule a one-on-one consultation with a trained body contouring professional to discover the precise duration of your treatment plan.

Side Effects:

Unlike CoolSculpting, which employs a vacuum mechanism to connect the applicator to the treatment region, SculpSure’s flat treatments do not require suction. Many of the CoolSculpting negative effects, including discomfort, redness, bruises, and inflammation at the treatment site, are also eliminated by bypassing this pressure.

The pain of CoolSculpting vs. Pain of SculpSure: 

SculpSure is also a painless procedure because of its flat applicators. This is in stark contrast to CoolSculpting, which can be uncomfortable for certain patients due to the suction and severe cold feeling at the targeted site during the fat freezing process.

Downtime and Recovery: 

CoolSculpting is a more intrusive treatment for removing stubborn fat cells than SculpSure; thus it takes longer to recover. CoolSculpting side effects might last up to two weeks after the fat freezing procedure. SculpSure, on the other hand, does not require any downtime or recuperation time, and patients may resume their typical activities immediately following their laser fat removal treatment.

Ideal patients

CoolSculpting and Sculpsure are most effective on persons who are in pretty excellent physical shape but who wish to transfer stubborn regions of fat from their abdomens and thighs. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we recommend that patients do not take the therapies in place of good lifestyle activities, including diet and exercise. Patients’ fat deposits can likely return if they do not maintain a healthy lifestyle after undergoing the procedures.

On the other hand, the treatments are revolutionary in their capacity to remove stubborn fat in places that are traditionally difficult to shape, such as the abdominal muscles or the love handles. Individuals with a BMI of less than 30.5 are good candidates for Sculpsure treatment. CoolSculpting, on the other hand, can benefit individuals who have a higher-than-average BMI, including many who are physically deemed to be overweight.

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