If you’ve tried every medication and cream out there and haven’t been satisfied with the results, the culprit could be your diet. That’s right: Your diet actually influences your skin. The good news is, eating certain foods can actually help you achieve that healthy glow you’ve been looking for.

At Prestige Physicians in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we want to help you live the healthiest lifestyle possible. That’s why our physicians have compiled this helpful guide to foods that can even your skin tone, including an explanation of some of the most important nutrients and where to find them.

Foods and nutrients to look for

Now that you know certain foods help your skin more than others, here’s a list of all of the nutrients and foods that can help you achieve beautiful skin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can help protect you against free radical damage, which is often the cause of tissue damage and an uneven skin tone.

You can take supplements, or you can find vitamin C in citrus foods like oranges, guava, bell peppers, kiwis, and strawberries.


Niacin is a necessary nutrient for your skin, hair, and nail health. It can help revitalize your skin’s pigmentation and even out the tone. Niacin works by helping to improve your skin’s hydration.

Niacin is found in foods like poultry, green peas, mushrooms, and tuna.


Ginger is great for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies also show that ginger has a soothing effect on your skin.


Unlike sugary cereals, oatmeal is low on the glycemic index, especially for a carbohydrate. It helps to lower your blood sugar, reduces inflammation, and curbs acne breakouts.


Tomatoes contain lycopene, an anti-aging antioxidant that may also help prevent heart disease. Additionally, studies show that lycopene is better absorbed by your body when it’s cooked.


Miso has plenty of probiotics, and—unlike yogurt—it doesn’t contain lactose. So, you can enjoy it if you’re lactose intolerant. And, miso has all of the same gut-friendly probiotics as yogurt does.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are high in Vitamin A, which has been proven to help reduce oil production in your skin.


Cinnamon does a great job of stimulating circulation and blood flow which helps reduce inflammation and acne in your skin.

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