No longer a niche treatment for celebrities, IV therapy has become available in cities everywhere. More and more often, people are discovering the excellent benefits of making IV treatment a regular part of their routine.

At Prestige Physicians in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we want to help you live the healthiest lifestyle possible. That’s why our physicians are excited to bring you IV therapy treatments. Here’s a quick look at IV therapy and what it can do for you.

What’s in that IV?

IV fluid therapy seeks to rehydrate your body by replenishing its fluids. So, usually, if you opt for IV therapy, your IV will consist of regular saline. If you opt for something called a Myers’ Cocktail, then you’ll also receive additional vitamins in your IV.

With a Myers’ cocktail, your body receives vitamins like B12, which gives you energy, and vitamin C, which helps your immune system function optimally. Whether you opt for a straight IV or a Myers’ cocktail, you still get vital fluids that you can’t take in during your regular workday.

The benefits of IV therapy

When you have an IV therapy session, you can quickly absorb nutrients, including hydrating saline, in under an hour. This can be a lifesaver if you have a busy schedule and can’t fit in time to get all of the water and nutrients that your body needs.

And your body really does need these vitamins. When you have higher levels of these vitamins in your bloodstream, it leads to more of an uptake in your cells. This helps your body use these nutrients to maintain optimal health, which in turn helps your immune system fight critical illnesses.

What can IV therapy treat?

In addition to working as a preventative measure and strengthening your immune system against any health concerns that could arise, IV therapy can also help you with conditions that you already have.

Regular IV therapy is a great treatment option for those who suffer from conditions like:

You don’t have to opt for regular IV therapy, either. You may also benefit from a quick treatment of IV therapy, which is great for revitalizing you when you’re exhausted from an intense training session or a late night of drinking.

To learn more about how IV therapy can significantly improve your health, call our office or request an appointment with us on our website today.

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